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The Next Generation of Power Factor Correction
Reduces Energy Consumption and Costs by Increasing Efficiency and Quality of Electric Power

EMP introduces the next genertion of Power Factor Correction technology with effectiveness far beyond anything that was possible before. Not just PFC—reducing or eliminating neutral line current, harmonics, and phase imbalance as well, and dynamically adjusting to changing loads, including peaks, to maximize its benefits.

SP2000 is microprocessor-controlled, sensor-driven “smart” technology. It is patented and thorougly proven both in the laboratory and in the field in hundreds of installations—and it is cost-effective for companies of almost any size.

Previous-generation PFC devices costing hundreds of thousands of dollars can not compete with the performance of SP2000. Show Pricing

Please watch a short presentation explaining SP2000. If it interests you to learn more, just click the “Next Video” button below the display screen to watch a more detailed explanation of the technology.

See case studies of actual companies that have installed our new technology and report impressive savings. Also read an independent engineering study and information about our warranty and performance guarantee and more.

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By: he wrote in the New York Times that American doctors are right to give puberty-blocking pills and hormones to transgender kids. Jack Turban, whose bio says he "lectures on the treatment of transgender and gender-nonconforming youth" at Yale Medical School, told the story of a young boy, Jonah, who began a transition to become a girl, Hannah, at the age of 10. "Hannah is using a puberty-blocking implant and getting ready to embark on the path of developing a female body by starting estrogen. Ten years ago most doctors would have called this malpractice. New data has now made it the protocol for thousands of American children," Turban wrote. Turban explained that, given high rates of depression and suicide among kids and teenagers who claim to be transgender, it would almost be malpractice to not give kids drugs to block puberty and begin their hormone transition to the gender they'd like to be. He continued:
Despite the turbulence in Washington, here in medicine there is general agreement that we're moving in the right direction. When I first came to Yale in 2012, doctors told me puberty blockers were unethical. Classmates told me that if they had transgender children, they would "raise them gay like normal kids." Now Yale has a gender clinic that provides puberty blockers and hormones. Lectures on the treatment of transgender youth are part of the mandatory medical school curriculum. I receive a steady flow of emails from students who want to dedicate their careers to helping these children. When I met with Hannah and her parents to thank them for letting me write about them, we went through old photos of Hannah, including a few from when she was Jonah. I will never forget Hannah's giant smile in every picture of her living as her true self. Doctors once argued that it would be insane to block a child's puberty and change her body. Seeing Hannah as a happy and thriving teenager, I now see it would be insane not to.
The article, predictably, was not well-received. In fact, it was ripped apart all week and was even compared to the horrific medical experiments Nazi's conducted on people in concentration camps. What made matters worse is that Turban is a supposed medical expert. Here is the best reaction from Twitter: